Wildlife Damage Repair

When wildlife enters your home it can be very scary. They can bury in the attic, down your walls, or even in your crawlspace. They can also burrow in your yard and under your deck.

Virginia Pest Removal is prepared to take out the wildlife,  and repair the damage that can be done in the most up to date and humane ways.

If wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, or bats get in your attic they will make a mess. We will repair any damage done to your roof, soffit, or ridgeline, as well as replace insulation that can be full of feces and urine along with deceased animals.

If wildlife such as birds or squirrels get in your wall we are prepared to find them and repair the wall back to new again.

If wildlife such as possums, skunks or mice get into your crawlspace they can cause a lot of unwanted worry and damage. We will store your crawlspace free of contamination that wildlife can spread throughout your home.

raccoon found near fredericksburg virginia
We do not do any service for dogs or cats.
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