Squirrel Removal in Northern Virginia

Having trouble with squirrels and looking for an expert at squirrel removal in Northern Virginia? When squirrels are tearing up your house, your office, or your land, call for a wildlife removal expert from Virginia Pest Removal. We are trained and have the tools to fix the damage they cause.

Squirrels can cause damage to forest trees by chewing on bark from branches and trunks. Sometimes they will interfere with the natural reseeding of trees. In residential areas squirrels will travel power lines and short out transformers. They gnaw on wires, enter buildings and will build nests in attics. They also will dig up lawns to bury nuts and search later for them. They will also take food from bird feeders. They will chew bigger holes on bird houses to eat the nestling song birds!

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Squirrels in Stafford and Northern Virginia

Squirrels are divided into three groups. Large tree squirrels, pine squirrels, and flying squirrels. Large tree squirrels include fox, eastern gray, western gray and tassel-eared.

Fox and gray squirrels have similar food habits. Typically they feed on mast, which are wild tree fruits & nuts, in fall and early winter. Acorns, hickory nuts, walnuts, and osage orange fruits are their favorite fall foods. Squirrels will bury nuts for later use. In late winter and early spring they prefer tree buds. In the summer these squirrels eat fruits, berries and succulent plant material. During scare food periods they will chew on bark from trees. They will also eat insects and other animal matter.

Fox and gray squirrels breed when they are a year old. They breed in mid December or early January. They also breed again in June. They nest in tree cavities, human made squirrel boxes, or leaf nests. Typically when born there are three to a litter. They are weaned in ten to twelve weeks. Weaned squirrels are about half their adult weight. Their home range can be one to one hundred miles depending on food availability.

To prevent squirrels from doing damage to your home in Northern Virginia, exclusion is best. When closing holes make sure not to close squirrels in! The best preventative measure when trying to prevent squirrel damage is to give us a call. As licensed professionals we are trained and have the tools necessary to prevent and repair damage caused by squirrels

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